Dutch Meccano Guild meeting in Ede Sept. 23rd, 2000

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Here are some impressions of the Dutch Meccano Guild meeting in Ede September 23rd, 2000. Of all pictures, a larger version is available if you click on them. I've also added some movies, coded with RealVideo. You will need the latest (free) version of the RealPlayer to view them. The movies are available in 20 kbits/s streams for 28k modems, 45 kbits/s streams for ISDN (and 57k modems, if you're lucky), and 80 kbits/s streams for double ISDN. If you have a slow Internet connection, but want to see the better quality movies, choose the 'download' option (instead of 'play'); the movie will first be downloaded to your computer and then be played.

All movies have been slowed down 2.5 times (except with 'vadertje tijd'), to keep enough detail of the movement!

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This is a model of a nice looking oldtimer.


Marc Hagemans

This is a beautiful model of a painter at work. Unfortunately, I don't have a movie of him drawing the mouse (or any other picture). If I encounter the model again, I will try to film it at work...

Fairground attraction

This is model of a fairground attraction. The 'people' (in this case PlayMobil figures) are going round in three different ways. The movie shows the movement quite nicely.

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