Dutch Meccano Guild meeting in Ede Sept. 23rd, 2000

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Here are some impressions of the Dutch Meccano Guild meeting in Ede September 23rd, 2000. Of all pictures, a larger version is available if you click on them. I've also added some movies, coded with RealVideo. You will need the latest (free) version of the RealPlayer to view them. The movies are available in 20 kbits/s streams for 28k modems, 45 kbits/s streams for ISDN (and 57k modems, if you're lucky), and 80 kbits/s streams for double ISDN. If you have a slow Internet connection, but want to see the better quality movies, choose the 'download' option (instead of 'play'); the movie will first be downloaded to your computer and then be played.

All movies have been slowed down 2.5 times (except with 'vadertje tijd'), to keep enough detail of the movement!

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Astronomical clock

A. Everaert (Belgium)

This is a model of an elaborate astronomical clock, complete with documentation. The movement is too slow to be interesting for a movie...

Interrupted movement

J.W.B. van der Avoort

This is a very interesting model of a clock-like movement. The vertical axle in the middle turns 120 degrees, and is then stopped bij the (free-hanging) wire wrapping itself around one of the poles. The wire will then unwrap itself again by the force on the axle, only to be stopped again by the next pole. The model is driven by a weight. When this weight reaches the bottom, it is raised again by the small electric motor.

The picture on the left shows the wire wrapped about the left pole. The picture on the right shows the weight and raising mechanism, with the proud builder looking on. In the movie you can clearly see the mechanism at work. About halfway the weight reaches the bottom end is raised again, during this time the axle doesn't move.

This model and the model below are not made using Meccano, but with a Meccano imitation that was available here in the Netherlands (although not anymore I think).

Right-angle transmission

J.W.B. van der Avoort

In the summer 2000 newsletter of the 'Dutch Meccano Guild' was an article about a curious right-angle transmission. This transmission was (apparently) also discussed in MM of december 1927... In Ede was a model showing this transmission 8 times.

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